“Craft a future that is defined by your achievements, not your age.”

Have you spent your life making other people money?
It's time to change all that

What do you want from the next 20 years?

Are you seeking a reliable income and financial security?

Do you wish to live life on your terms, using your hard-earned skills and experience to make a meaningful difference?

If these are your goals, then the Grey Wave is designed just for you.

The Grey Wave is built for you!

  • Tailored for Boomers and GenX: We understand the challenges and opportunities unique to your generation.
  • Weekly Live Training: Engage in real-time with experts and peers to continuously develop your skills.
  • Accountability Groups: Stay on track with regular sessions that help you set, pursue, and achieve your goals.
  • Certification Programs: Gain recognized qualifications that enhance your credibility and marketability.
  • Unparalleled Library of Resources: Access a vast collection of materials that cover every aspect of starting and growing your online business.
  • A Peerless Community of Peers: Join an unmatched network of like-minded individuals who support, challenge, and inspire each other every day.

Imagine the confidence and security that comes from owning a successful business.

Our experience is our greatest asset. Together, we're unstoppable


What's Included in Your Membership??

Live is Best: Connect and Engage Real-Time

At Grey Wave, we believe in the power of live interaction. That's why we offer an average of 4 hours of live sessions each week. There's something uniquely effective and engaging about participating in live training. Each session is an opportunity to interact with experts, ask questions, share insights, and network with peers who are just as committed as you are.
Weekly Events:

Accountability Tuesdays:

Working from home doesn't mean working alone. Join our weekly Accountability Group on Zoom, where members declare their goals for the session and then dive into focused work. It's a proven way to boost productivity and maintain sharp focus.

AI Academy Wednesdays:

Dive into the future with the AI Academy, a weekly exploration of artificial intelligence. Understand its impact on the digital landscape and learn how to harness AI's power while sidestepping its challenges.

This popular feature is also available as a standalone membership.

Featured Programs Thursdays:

Each Thursday, we spotlight courses that sharpen your skills in relevant areas. These in-depth programs can range from a few weeks to several months, with standalone values between $99 and $999, enhancing your expertise and marketability.

Foundational Fridays:

Every week, we go back to the basics with Foundational Friday. Dive deep into a core principle of online business, with each session adding to our expansive library of over 80 foundational topics—ensuring you have the solid grounding needed to succeed online.

Empowerment Through Experience

At Grey Wave, we understand the value of experience. Our community brings together Baby Boomers and GenXers like you in a powerful fusion of knowledge and new-era business tactics. Whether you're starting from scratch or aiming to scale your existing business, our comprehensive resources are tailored to ensure your success.

You have the:


Work Ethic


It is time to cash in

"Owning your business means owning your time. Enjoy life on your terms, with the flexibility that Grey Wave enables."

The Sum of the Parts

"Not only do I have access to a massive collection of useful resources, live educational events, and special interest groups, but I have a whole new bunch of knowledgeable and supportive friends in the other members.”

- Colin Whalen - UK

“The Grey Wave is loaded with resources and learning opportunities that have helped me enormously in getting a handle on what I want my next endeavor to look like and how to go about it. That alone is worth the price of admission, but the knowledge, camaraderie, and support in the Grey Wave community amplify that value beyond measure.

- Lori Praximadis

"We are such a friendly community and I have found that the members are more than willing and able to share their knowledge and experience– It will give you access to new friends and colleagues, all of whom will support you in the months and years ahead."

- Dudley Giles

Your Experience is Your SuperPower!

If you’ve been waiting for a sign to take the next step, consider this it. Join the Grey Wave today and transform your dreams into tangible successes. Your wealth of experience isn’t just valuable—it’s your ultimate advantage in the digital marketplace.

  • Financial Security: Build a reliable source of income that complements your retirement, ensuring your financial independence and stability.
  • Enhanced Lifestyle: Use your earnings to fulfill dreams—travel the world, enjoy quality time with family, or explore new hobbies without financial worries.
  • Legacy Building: Create something lasting that you can one day pass on to your children, offering them a foundation of success built on your life’s work.
  • Personal Fulfillment: Engage in meaningful work that taps into your skills and experiences, bringing satisfaction and purpose to every day.

Embrace a Brighter Tomorrow with The Grey Wave!

Inside the Grey Wave

A Rich Library of Resources

Web Development and Design

  • Soup to Nuts Website
  • Choosing a Web Host
  • Backlinking your Blog
  • Shopify for Your Business

Content Creation & Storytelling

  • The Power of Storytelling
  • The Anatomy of a Blog
  • Publishing Online Video
  • Steve’s Video Workflow
  • Camtasia for Business
  • Canva for Video
  • Short Form Vertical Video
  • Engaging to the End: Mastering the Art of Content Retention
  • Unleashing the Power of Blogging Research
  • Making the Most of Your Social Media Graphics with Canva
  • Transform Your Canva Presentations
  • Leveraging Other People’s Content

Digital Marketing & SEO

  • Mastering Google Analytics 4.0
  • Platform Prowess: Navigating the Social Landscape for Business Success
  • Getting Started with Facebook Ads
  • SEO Foundations
  • SEO and Your Business
  • Blogging Tactics to Build Your Online Business
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • LinkedIn for Business
  • LinkedIn Business Page
  • LinkedIn Profile Workshop

E-commerce & Sales

  • Shopping Carts and Payment Gateways
  • Postmortem of a Product Launch
  • Building a Successful Sales Funnel
  • Is Crowdfunding Right for You?

Social Media & Online Presence

  • YouTube Fundamentals
  • Podcasting On YouTube
  • Your Online Legacy
  • Getting Started with Podcasting
  • How to Launch a Successful YouTube Channel from Scratch
  • Youtube Launch Sequence
  • Youtube For Business
  • Community Building

Email Marketing & Lead Generation

  • The Truth Behind Building a Maillist
  • List Building/Lead Magnet Workshop
  • How to Chose an Email Service Provider
  • Introduction to Email Autoresponders and CRM

Podcasting & Webinars

  • The Podcast Blueprint
  • It’s Time to Podcast
  • Webinars in 2024
  • The Anatomy of a Succesful Webinar

Business Strategy & Development

  • Delegating for Success: How to Hire a Virtual Assistant
  • Surviving the AI Tsunami
  • Getting Started with AI
  • The Power of the Pixel
  • SMS (Texting) Marketing
  • Product Launch A to Z
  • Mindmapping basics

Tools & Applications

  • Mastering the Power of Google Docs for Collaboration
  • Creating and Delivering Your First Online Course

Our Vibrant Facebook Community

Connect, Collaborate, and Grow Together

At Grey Wave, we believe that true growth comes from connection and collaboration. That's why our Facebook community is the heart of our membership. It's more than just a group—it's a dynamic and supportive network where members meet, share ideas, ask questions, and empower each other on their business journeys.

Become Part of Something Special

Our Facebook group isn't just about business growth—it's about building relationships and a supportive network that values every member's success. Join the Grey Wave Facebook community today and start making meaningful connections that can transform your business and personal growth.

Here’s what makes our community special:

  • Interactive Support: Get real-time feedback on your queries, share insights, and receive encouragement from peers who understand your journey.
  • Collaborative Opportunities: Partner with like-minded members for projects, enhancing your business through collective expertise.
  • Exclusive Content: Access live discussions, webinars, and more, designed to advance your knowledge and business strategies.
  • Networking: Build valuable connections that can lead to new opportunities, partnerships, and friendships.

We have an incredible community!

"Grey Wavers are the best! "

"Members come from all walks of life, bringing incredible experiences and talents to share at our collective table. I have found my fellow members to be caring, compassionate, and incredibly supportive"

Kent Tubman - Tubman Marketing

I learned how to stop trading time for money

"After getting slammed by the COVID shutdown, which basically killed my Bricks and Mortar business, I was able to pivot to an online business. I learned how to stop “trading time for money” while building a sustainable business that now makes a real impact”

- PJ Wren - Over 50 Fitness


"The Grey Wave provides a wealth of practical resources, expert guidance, and peer feedback/encouragement for those wanting to launch an online business. ….Win/win!"

- Kathy Rushing - The Entrepreneur Marriage Coach

BONUS, included for Free with Grey Wave Membership

Value $59 per month,

Introducing Your Competitive Edge: The AI Academy

Included in Your Grey Wave Membership!

Embrace the Future with Every Session

In a world where artificial intelligence is reshaping landscapes across business, education, and personal lives, staying ahead means embracing change. That's where our AI Academy comes in—a dynamic part of your Grey Wave membership at no additional cost!

What the AI Academy Offers:

  • Weekly Live Sessions: Dive deep into the world of AI with live, interactive sessions designed to equip you with cutting-edge skills in content creation and small business management.
  • On-Demand Learning: Can't make a live session? No problem! Every workshop, demo, and tutorial is recorded and available for replay so you never miss out on learning opportunities.
  • Expert-Led Tutorials: Learn from the best. Our sessions are led by experts actively shaping the field of AI, ensuring you receive the most current and practical advice.
  • Community and Collaboration: Join discussions in our dedicated community forum where you can connect with fellow Grey Wave members to share insights, challenges, and successes.

Benefits of the AI Academy:

  • Master Prompt Writing: Gain expertise in crafting effective AI prompts that yield relevant and useful results, enhancing your business operations.
  • Discover Innovative AI Tools: We constantly introduce and explore the latest AI tools that can revolutionize the way you work, saving you time and boosting your efficiency.
  • Stay at the Forefront: With AI continuously evolving, our Academy ensures you remain at the cutting edge, turning new technologies into competitive advantages.

The AI Academy is not just a course—it's an ongoing exploration of the future. It’s designed to keep you informed, involved, and in control of the digital tools that will define the next era of business.

Expand Your Horizons and Enhance Your Business with AI. The future is waiting at the Grey Wave AI Academy.

The fine print:
One year of free access to the AI Academy is included with annual subscription plans.

Monthly subscriptions include the AI Acadamy while the subscription is active.

The Grey Wave, where experience meets opportunity

👋 If you've ever caught yourself thinking, "Is this all there is?" or dreaming about starting something new that's truly your own, then you're in exactly the right place.

Are you over 50 and ready to redefine success on your terms? The Grey Wave is not just a membership; it's your gateway to mastering the digital business world. With decades of combined business wisdom, our community is here to propel you into the future of online entrepreneurship.

Imagine Your Future Six Months From Now:

Imagine starting each day with a clear vision and vibrant energy, knowing you are making significant strides in your online business, which is not just thriving but actively generating sales. This isn't just a dream—it's a snapshot of what your life could be with Grey Wave.

Your New Reality:

  • Confidence in Your Path: Feel the certainty that comes from knowing you're on the right track, equipped with the best tools and strategies to succeed.
  • Daily Progress and Excitement: Wake up each morning energized and motivated, ready to tackle the day with enthusiasm and a clear plan of action.
  • A Thriving Community of Support: At Grey Wave, you receive unparalleled support, but your role doesn’t end there. You're an integral part of a community, actively contributing to the success of others, sharing knowledge, and celebrating every milestone together.
  • A Circle of Success: Your achievements fuel our community. We thrive on mutual success and are committed to ensuring you have every resource at your disposal.

Consider the Possibilities:

  • What if you could redefine your future in just six months?
  • What if the key to unlocking your potential was just one decision away?

It's time to make that decision. The investment in yourself and your future is not just worthwhile; it's essential. Every journey starts with a commitment—a commitment to yourself, your dreams, and a community that believes in the power of every individual.

Today Marks the Beginning of Your Transformation

We keep it simple, 100% Upfront Pricing

Monthly Plan

  • Includes Everything.
  • Weekly Live Training
  • Over 80 Core Programs
  • Bonus AI Academy ($59 per month value)
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Cancel Anytime


Annual Plan

  • Includes Everything
  • Bonus AI Academy ($599 Value)
  • Weekly Live Training
  • Over 80 Core Programs
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Save $198 (2 months free)

$999/12 months